Reply To: Homework Week 3 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)


1. I like that with the priority rating there’s an ability to identify which goals are the most important to address at this point in time and I think also with giving it a rating it allows me to think deeper into how much effort is warranted to develop meaningful action steps to achieve a certain goal.
2. I discovered that I have more strengths that I can tap into when identifying these particular steps. I also tend to not ask for help and this was an opportunity o really look at the amount of people I have in my life to lean on, even when it makes me uncomfortable, to share the journey with me. When it comes to barriers I can often present as the biggest one in achieving my goals.
3. In terms of helping clients to identify their own recovery plans I think it’s super important to help them to see their strengths and the strengths of the support system around them. Because of the clientele I work with (people with long term, chronic SUD) their sense of self is often eroded and they have a diminished support network so they feel limited in their resources and tend to “go it alone”. I would want to explore with them the strengths they can identify as well as share with them what I see in their resilience. They tend to underestimate how strong they are as people despite living through some horrific life experiences.