Reply To: Homework Week 3 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Stacy Ladakakos

1) What are your general reactions to this exercise of identifying wellness goals and taking action to achieve them?
It puts in perspective the benefit of writing down goals as well as why there may be an inclination to avoid the act of writing them down. It highlights how as an individual I have goals in my life that would be obtainable with limited barrier but continually get put on the back burner.
2) What did you discover about how your strengths, supporters, and or community resources might help you overcome barriers to taking an action step or reaching your goal?
Recognizing the array of supports available does not always Result in action. Readiness for change and maintaining self-awareness and self-care is often easier said than done in some instances. Utilizing community resources can be a barrier or a tool depending on the individuals comfort with utilizing available resources.

3) What are some strategies you would employ to help consumers develop and implement their own wellness/recovery plans?
Recognition that we each have wellness/recovery plans that can take a back burner for an array of reasons. Rarely do any of us respond well to be “told or strongly encouraged” to complete tasks by shame or guilt. The importance of being compassionate to real or perceived barriers and relaying this in how we engage in the process.