Reply To: Homework Week 3 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Robert Hussey

1) The recovery/wellness plan really forces one to evaluate one’s goals in a very mindful manner. It requires thinking about strengths and barriers and coming up with action steps to help progress with the goal. It is helpful noting any potential supports and resources to assist in making the goal more realistic, attenable, and manageable.

2) I need to be better at making concrete action steps in order to progress with goals. I downplay potential strengths and overstress potential barriers. If I could focus on creating manageable action steps, it would appear that I am chipping away at barriers and steadily reaching my goals. Being too open-ended with potential action steps timelines stagnates the process. Not moving forward makes it seem that I have stopped trying or caring.

3) Some strategies would include making concrete action steps regardless of how small they may seem. Each success will make way for more success. Make note of strengths and barriers and form a plan to utilize strengths and resources and to find ways to chip away at the barriers in order to overcome them. All of these domains contribute to one’s overall wellness and happiness, which in turn, stresses the perception of the importance of self-care.