Reply To: Homework Week 4 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Robin Green

Stephanie’s video was powerful,I actually watched it.more than once, she seemed not be managing well despite the pressures of her illness college and family ANF appeared to be a very brave young woman.
I have worked throughout my career in a vatiety of settings, and in doing so have seen some methods work better than others. I have had really good experiences connecting folks with NAMI through various groups and their warm.line, I currently have a niece struggling with severe depression and anxiety the warm.line has been of significance to her, while she has professional help the peer support has been a great help, one wonders if the reinforcement that there are better days ahead is of use.I also sit on a board of directors for a mental health agency these meetings.not.only focus.on the fiscal wellness of the agency, which is a significant factor in running , but well also interact with the consumers engaged in the agencies programs and strive to always have a consumer sitting on the board.
This course has been interesting for me, while my work is with folks who are at the end of their lives I still see the need.for.knowledge on wellness and recovery,sometimes in the client I am.working with and also with their family members, people react differently to.the news of a loved ones life coming to an end, and.often need some guidance in positive methods of.coping.