Reply To: Homework Week 4 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Robert Hussey

Stephanie had the strength to describe her experiences. Over time Stephanie realized what she needed when the right model to fit her needs was presented. The pathology-based approach focuses on the problem. Recovery-oriented approach focuses on the person. Setbacks could be seen as detrimental within the pathology-based approach and the individual would feel shame and failure. Whereas setbacks within the recovery-oriented approach setbacks would not be seen as detrimental and the individual would be encouraged to try again even amidst the setback. Having material available for information and potential referrals would be helpful for information gathering and sharing. The individual seeking help is the expert of their own life. The individual seeking help might see the benefit of having a mentor or peer to speak with who has already gone through the process of getting help. The community approach might be seen as beneficial by the individual for collaboration and support.