Reply To: Homework Week 4 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Stacy Ladakakos

The authenticity of Stephanie’s experience articulating what helps and what can hurt, even if well intentioned stands out to me. I am appreciative of the discussion related to the stigma as well as misinformed beliefs centering around individuals experiencing severe and persistent symptoms as being unable to participate in a higher level of education.

Person centered recovery, not only informed consent but informed decision making in personal treatment and recovery has increasingly become the focus of a growing number of treatment models and being encouraged in an increasing number of professional settings. The approach of maintaining an individual in the center of their personal treatment and recovery continues to feel like a natural course of treatment.

I learned of a few new resources I was unfamiliar with in this section. There are a few manners of introducing strategies to link consumers to peer recovery services. These can range from posting information out for individuals to review, offering to support attendance, reviewing interests and past experience and trouble shooting any possible barriers while exploring any hesitation. Providing clear guidance on how to obtain the information should it be something the individual would like to explore at a later time. I work in a residential setting so additionally having peer groups talk within the program has been coordinated on occasion.

I found this course very useful and of benefit to my work for not only individuals we provide services for but additionally for staff. I have save all of the links for ongoing exploration and use. The youtube videos were well chosen. Thank you.