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Danielle Cimino

General reactions are sadness to Anna’s story. It is clear that she had been re-traumatized over and over again by staff the system as a whole without any effort to address the underlying trauma. In addition, her outburst were likely seen as aggressive and non-compliant, making providers further pathologize her. I like the emphasis on the quote “the truth lies in a person’s story not their symptoms” because it reminds me that all clients are only human. It is easy to get caught up in what the insurance companies/DSM/agencies would like us to see when the reality is putting people inside a criteria drive box can be detrimental to their overall care.

Question 2:
I agree with the paradigm shift in full. Historically clinicians have been quick to pick apart behaviors to find a dx instead of looking at the behavior as a symptoms of traumatic experience. For example, some individuals who exhibit social with drawl, ridged routines, distaste for change, and reactivity to touch could end up with an ASD dx instead of something related to a trauma and/or stressor.

Question 3:
The environment that I work in stresses empowerment and collaboration for providers, consumers, and their families in addition to peer support and mutual self help. It is my intention that empowerment of the consumer will allow them to feel open and that they have more control of their situation to make changes than they have in the past. Peer support is also stressed in order to allow clients to feel a sense of universality in what they are going through.