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Russell Kohrs

I was born in 1960 like Anna, my recovery from alcohol started 1993, the yeas after her passing, at times I view post 1993 as a different lifetime, the early picture of Anne to me suggests she is already hurting, the drawings are mesmerizing, the symbols dramatic. The negative self perception in her words remain heavy to this reader.
I need to improve awareness and remain present when witnessing symptoms being an adaptations of distress, the transition in real time from the what is the behavior to the why of the behavior is challenging.
I believe in the power of storytelling,

My thoughts on the paradigm shift, person centered focus, excellent goal with consistency challenges,
Two examples of Men’s verbal responses, both, non stop, topic to topic to topic, as a listener the challenge is to not get stuck focusing on topic one, he’s on topic four, his grievances’, his opinions, and his story in the stream of information. allowing the information stream to continue within a time limit, giving the person a chance to be heard in their communication skill survival strategy that has developed through I believe incarceration and isolation, respond to both men with awareness and understanding, review details of their story with no shame, steer both men to breathing and communication strategies, pausing and or breathing between topics, initiate a discussion on identifying triggers. Discuss grounding exercises.

As an agency we are encouraged to focus on improving people centered care, understanding and implementing trauma informed care has been a priority, ACE’S screening has been enlightening, most of our clients have a high ACE’S score. The behavior and emotional reaction continue to be a real time challenge. To continue to communicate and support team members, help increase awareness to these needs.
Encourage team members to treat everyone with dignity and respect,