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Jamie Williams

Question 1: Following these guidelines promotes a safe and welcoming environment for healing to occur. Staff training at all levels is important for TIC to occur. When members of a clients care team are not in alignment with each other, it can cause clients to not feel safe or have trust in their treatment. It also leads to staff splitting and burn out. Clients need/deserve consistency with treatment that promotes healing and growth and not shame.

Question 2: Areas in which I feel competent in are Person-centered planning, development of therapeutic alliances and recovery-oriented care. I feel strongly about consumer/ client advocacy and self-care practices for both myself, my staff and clients. I would like to work more on being competent in delivering trauma-informed and trauma-specific evidenced based interventions.

Question 3: I do not feel Larry’s approach with this client aligned with TIC. Larry’s approach feels shaming and does not seem client centered. He lacks insight into this clients trauma and probably retraumatizes her in front of the group. It seems that Larry believes his way of recovering is the only way to recover. I believe Larry’s supervisor acknowledges the need for Larry to gain further training and insight outside of his own 12 step experience, however, does not address training for Larry to become trauma informed .