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katie Varney

Question 1
After reviewing these guidelines for implementing TIC in an organization, I feel the organization that I work for may be lagging behind. For example, I chose this course because I want to learn more about TIC , the impact this has and to provide the best support for my clients . This was not recommended or required by my organization. There is nothing in my job description that says I need this training. I chose to pay for this training out of my own pocket because its important to me to understand the people I work with daily. My plan is to discuss this with my team and with these guidelines start implementing some organizational changes.

Question 2
In reviewing the competency checklist, I feel most comfortable with the patient centered planning. I believe in meeting clients where they are at. I believe in order to encourage change, the client needs to be fully engaged and the social worker is there to support and provide the resources necessary.
Some of the competencies that I would like to know more about is the self care practices ( to avoid burn out) and culturally competent care.

Question 3
My reaction to Larry’s confrontation to the client in the group is that he came across shaming as a way to get her to do what he wanted. This is not the approach to motivate change. Shaming is never acceptable. Larry had little insight and came across closed minded to other approaches. It appears that the clinical supervisor working with Larry is aware that his approach does not line up with TIC approach. This supervisor works with Larry on additional training and coaching in a non- confrontational approach which Larry appears to be open too.