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Danielle Cimino

The agency I work with make an active effort to continue interviewing consumers, their families, additional providers and referents in order gain insight into what we could change to make treatment better for clients. In addition we have consumers fill out anonymous treatment effectiveness surveys in to provide them with space to be honest about how their clinicians can improve.

I feel my team and I are very person centered when it comes to competencies. We try to individualize reach treatment continuum for clients in an attempt to reach their best possibly outcome. We work with clients to create their own plans in order to give them a sense of control over their own future and well being.

Larry’s interaction with the client in group seemed misplaced. He was utilizing his personal experience as a form of clinical intervention instead of offering a shared experience. By not holding space for the client and her discomfort towards the idea of an AA meeting with all men, he not only could have damaged the therapeutic relationship between them, and created group fracture, but he could have also re-traumatized her. This is not in line with TIC, which Larry’s clinical supervisor realized. If I was his clinical supervisor, I may have also suggested that Larry do his own individual work in order to keep his mental and emotional well being in check, so it will not spill into his clinical work with clients.