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Kellie Westberry

Answer to Question 1:
Using these guidelines would allow consistency for clients, their families, staff and others to experience a safe and more supportive environment. In the Case Study, Larry did not use a trauma-informed and trauma-specific evidence-based intervention with his Client. Instead, he used an aggressive approach. I have worked in several agencies in which TIC is not practiced and its due to the lack of experience, training and supervision. In addition, the lack of staffing has become a huge issue. I have a small private practice and use a non-aggressive approach for addressing nonparticipation in treatment. I make it appoint to know my Clients and their histories so I know how to approach the non-compliance and assist in finding a solution. I also attend trainings and use Supervision to learn more about TIC.

Answer to Question 2
I feel competent in Person-Centered planning, Culturally competent care and evidenced-based practices. I am working on Awareness of and commitment to counselor self-care practices. I believe these competencies are needed to provide trauma informed services to our clients.

Answer to Question 3
Larry did not use a TIC approach with his client. It appears he relied on his expertise in the 12 step approach and his approach to his own recovery. He was not only confrontational with this Client, he also put her at risk for potential re-traumatization. He appears to lack knowledge of his clients past trauma which tells me, he either did not assess her properly and/or he has no knowledge, experience and/ or training in TIC. It appears his Supervisor recognizes a need for an intervention; however, the intervention needs to be more centered around trauma informed training as well as, developing the appropriate skills needed to provide a more mindful approach.