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Janice Black

I was consistently mazed by her resiliancy…even from an early age. It was difficult to realize how her sexual assault wasn’t addressed. In trying (!!!) to do the math, I was brought back to my days as a school social worker in the late 80’s and 90’s remembering how schools focussed so much on ADHD…kids unable to sit in their chairs, play with others and talking too much etc. The idea of a child being sexually assaulted was a difficult concept at that time…even though we were definitely starting prevention programs.I was also stuck by how affected by the medical model she was…medication was the answer to everything then. What a strong and sturdy woman she is!

Question 2.
I have used the Adverse Childhood Experience checklist for the past several years.It has been helpful to many in normalizing their childhood experiences…they were not alone! I could not open up any of the listed screening tools on this MacBook but have sent a screen shot of the list to my partner to open on his non-Apple computer.I’m always interested in looking at other instruments. Thanks for the list.

Question 3.
I was initally struck but the a sense of betrayal she must have experienced. She trusted herself to limit her drinking (it don’t work), she was assaulted by a ‘big brother’ and she felt she ‘knew better’ but didn’t listen to herself. Of course she feels guilty and blames herself. I would work with her to first understand the biology of trauma and the truth that the ‘body keeps score’. I would also address the importance of sleep hygiene and what happens when he body is deprived of sleep. A safe environment, an established professional relationship and an understanding of the delayed effects of trauma would also be imperative.