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Jason Antkies

Question 1
This was tough to watch. To see Christina continuously get re-traumatized was heartbreaking. Despite this, Christina continued to push forward and take action to get to a point of peace and joy. This perseverance demonstrated significant resiliency. She did not beat herself down or give up, she continued fighting for the life she wanted to live. If I were Christina’s counselor I would work on providing a safe, non-judgemental space so she can feel comfortable to explore her thoughts and feelings. I would focus on her dreams and have her identify steps she needs to take to achieve those dreams while looking for the duality that is preventing her from taking those steps. Holding that duality with her so can feel empowered to decide what she wants to do with her dilemma.

Question 2
I like the ACE questionnaire. I think it is a great place to start understanding someone’s childhood and development. From this, there are a lot of directions you can go in to gain more understanding of what has happened to someone. I also like the life events survey. They help maintain a neutral space for clinicians to stay open-minded and present by listening to someone’s story.

Question 3
If I were Selena’s therapist I would work on creating a safe, trusting environment so she can be vulnerable and open in session. I would listen to what Selena’s dreams are and reflect back to her those dreams. Once I become aware of her duality I would pose it to her so that she can feel empowered to decide what she wants to do with her duality. We would discuss the pros and cons of what she decides to do. Having her in the driver’s seat will help her feel in control of her situation and that she has the power to decide what happens next in her life.