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Ruth Lockhart

Question 1
I would recommend individual treatment to start due to Jacinta’s symptoms of anxiety, listlessness, despondency, and low self esteem.
I would focus on client engagement to explore ambivalence about treatment and introduce grounding techniques and inquire about the ways she copes. I would explore Jacinta’s willingness to be seen by a psychiatrist to help with insomnia, anxiety, and explore possible delusions. Medication can be helpful for a period of time to help reduce some of her symptoms so she can engage in treatment.

Question 2
I would inquire what Jacinta’s beliefs are regarding Susto and what events in her life have led to her being unhappy and anxious. I would inquire if she has knowledge about interventions or healing techniques that have been helpful for others who have suffered from Susto.

Question 3
I would ask Jacinta’s if she is comfortable joining a Seeking Safety group for women. If not I would continue to work with her individually until she is feeling safe and comfortable to join the group.

Question 4
I appreciate learning about the various tools for assessing trauma and the different modalities of treatment. The exercises were helpful with reflecting on my practice and how my work place applies many components of TIC.