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katie Varney

Questions 1
The first strategy I would concentrate on to start is client engagement. I would want Jacinta to feel comfortable and safe. I would use MI to help understand where she is at in terms of her own treatment. I would want to build trust and collaboration.

Question 2
Because this term is new to me, I would ask Jacinta to educate me on this term and what it means to her. I would do some of my own research, reach out for clinical supervision and explore with Jacinta if she would be ok with reaching out to her family. By asking questions in a nonjudgmental way, and inquiring interest shows respect and builds trust.

Question 3
I would first explain the benefits and risks of each option and explore with her what she feels most comfortable doing. I am familiar with Seeking Safety program and it does sound like a good fit for Jacinta.

Question 4
This course has been extremely helpful in understanding the impact of trauma on clients I work with. My awareness to place the focus on the client (as a whole being) rather than placing the focus on the problem or symptoms is a big take away and nice reminder moving forward.