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Joseph Hayward

1) I believe the first order of business would be to establish some semblance of safety for Jacinta, I mean a mostly male group doesn’t strike me as safe, matter of fact it’s most likely triggering for her. Then I would offer her an opportunity to offer Woman seeking safety, so that’s a step in client engagement too. She has every right to invest in something she feels may work for her. I would also educate myself on these issues that are unique to the Latino community which would go a long way towards fostering a relationship of trust and rapport. Using MI throughout would also be helpful I believe.
2) First and foremost I would ask Jacinta to educate me on SUSTO, allowing her the safe space to explain what it is and how this affects her, listening without judgment & creating a safe place so that she feels heard and understood. Learning more about SUSTO would also inform me and allow me to understand what Jacinta is going through and perhaps allow her to feel the collaborative effect that we are in this together.
3)I would refer Jacinta in-house to the Women Seeking Safety would be the obvious choice. The women with the women would be a solid first step, should after careful monitoring from group facilitator feedback calling for a different referral one could then be made. Again after discussing benefits and barriers with Jacinta she could decide what might be best for her along with collaboration.
4) This course has opened new vistas for me, TIC is so much more compassionate than the old way to deal with trauma. There are now sooo many interventions available for folks nowadays. I now have a better understanding of how “easy” it can be to re-traumatize a consumer, with more education we can collaboratively treat our survivors in a more compassionate informed platform. No two traumas are alike and individualizing treatment with a wide variety of interventions with informed assistance is awesome. THANK YOU