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Mark Allen

I have used both breath counting and not but use not counting more often; I have not found counting to be as helpful for me personally while seated. I think beginners find it easier to have something to concentrate on. When doing walking meditation, I find I count meditate more effectively. It is a rare day that I do not make the time to use meditation.

I find my mind wanders more when I sit and meditate than if I am doing more physical meditation, I am sure there are arguments around Zen purists about whose meditation is ‘better’. I allow my thoughts to go where they go, they eventually come back….:). It is a daily skill set.

Differences; counting seems more mechanical to me, more a beginner style. That said, I start there with new coping skills discussions. It makes it easier to pick up and simpler to understand for most. Similar; both hopefully work to slow the fight/flight/freeze responses. Both are teaching physical awareness skills, to be aware of any triggered responses and deal with them without impulsively acting. I use the counting meditation often with staff and patients, it works anywhere and there are no side affects. It is a helpful tool for anyone. We use it often.