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thomas barrett

1. I noticed my mind wandered but always was able to refocus comfortably. It felt calming to be able to refocus on the counting. I was sitting up and became aware of tension in my shoulders and neck area. In retrospect it may have been anxiety on focusing on one specific aspect . I noticed every time I refocused my mind, I was on the number 9 counting. I became anxious of how long the experience would take.
It was difficult to stay focused at times. I would rate this experience a s a good tool in learning to concentrate.
It allowed me to focus my brain instantly because of the goal I was working on but found it work

2. I noticed during this experience my mind was able to focus on my breathing rather than counting and did not wander nearly as much. I was able to gently pull back thoughts unlike the first one where I felt I was yanking back thoughts. I liked the freedom to explore the various aspects of breathing . I did not notice any physical discomfort and felt much more relaxed both during and after.

3. Both exercises required focusing and something to focus on. I liked the way the instructions were different. In the first one it was very structured which in my opinion caused additional stress whereas the second one gave me the latitude to let my mind wander but within the breathing boundaries and was much more relaxing.
I would like to do both as part of meditation during the same session to allow the patient the freedom to choose what he feels comfortable one is . I would use it in dealing with urges in substance abuse and allow the patient to expand from that point. I liked the contrast between the two