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Joye Jewell-Hill

1. I noticed that I was better able to perform the Breath Counting Meditation with my eyes closed. I also noted I was made aware of the lighting in the room, temperature in the room and ambient sounds in the room. I experienced an increase in temperature of my body during the medication exercise. I experienced an feeling of annoyance, irritability with ambient noise in the room and outside the room. I also experienced feelings of pain in my feet bilaterally, between my shoulder blades, and need to adjust my postures several times during the exercise.
I enjoyed the Breath Counting meditation including the ability to count breathes and was able to complete the activity from 1-10 and repeat the exercise.
I was able to proceed to activities during the remainder of the day with an improvement in mental clarity, focus and motivation.
2.I was able to set still and attend to the activity. I was able to quiet my mind and focus my gaze with softened eyes.
This activity requires mental discipline to make time on a daily basis and practice the meditation. It needs to be a priority in my daily routine.
3. Similarities: Both types of meditation require mental & physical participation. Both require a statement of intention prior to the meditation. Both require frequent practice.
Differences: In my experience, the Breath Counting Meditation was more engaging. It required a longer period of time to perform the meditation. I experienced an immediate reward after the meditation of improved mental clarity, physical energy and motivation. This feedback encouraged me to perform the meditation again the next day with the intention of developing the habit of meditating on a daily basis.
Experience for Clients with Substance Related & Co-Occurring Conditions: I would recommend these meditation practices for this population of clients. The medication tools are easy to access, inexpensive, portable, no financial investment, can be used in a variety of settings. The experience of mediation can provide improvement in mental clarity, physical energy, motivation and potentially reduce cravings.