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Julia Foster

Question 1
I found this more difficult as I have some nasal congestion, so the breathing felt unnatural. I was feeling rushed to get to the next breath as I was a bit uncomfortable, I typically enjoy breathing exercises, so this was a new experience for me. At the time I completed this exercise I did not fin it helpful/calming but know it is related to my physical health in the moment.
Question 2
What did you notice about your physical experience during the Basic Mindfulness Meditation? What did you notice about how your mind wandered? What was it like to gently shift your focus of attention from your thoughts to your breath? How would you evaluate the effectiveness of this meditation to make you more aware of the habits of your mind?
I again am doing this in a setting that is highly distractable with balancing work from home and childcare this week, so this was tricky! I did find this easier to complete but was heavily focused on my thoughts. I found this to be more helpful and relaxing/effective.
Question 3
I think personally the breath counting meditation is helpful for “in the moment” management of anxiety or just collecting thoughts/slowing down. The Basic Mindfulness meditation is great for introduction to mindfulness work. I would introduce both types to anyone willing to try and work to determine how both can be effective.