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Sandra Wyman

1. I felt a warming in the area in which I was guided to focus on. I will say that lying down meditation works better for me. I feel more relaxed and I don’t feel so forced to sit in a certain position and then spend my time wondering if I am in the “correct” position. When I was directed to go back to a certain part of the body, such as forehead, after focusing on a lower extremity It was a little distracting.

2.I loved this exercise. I felt as though I was opened to seeing an object in a different way. However, as I was doing this exercise, the time that my mind wandered was when I was thinking that the reason I bought this object at the time was due to already experiencing some of these thoughts and sensations when I was contemplating buying it. I will practice this again.

3. I would love to try the focusing on a single object with patients/clients. It is something that can be utilized with other objects in their lives. I also think that it is a simple yet wonderful technique to introduce mindfulness. I am not sure how comfortable I am with body scan meditation. My background and experience working with sexual and physical abuse survivors is that a lot of physical behavioral health techniques should be introduced with caution.