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Dorothy Muncey

Question 1
I have practiced yoga for years so noticing my breath is a natural experience. This allowed me to focus on each body part. This is effective to allow the mind to focus and the continued movement of the breath allows the mind to focus on movement and the breath.

Question 2
Focusing on one object was challenging in the beginning, it began to get easier with the touch. It became more real and easier to focus when touching it. I wondered if it was like having something in your pocket to remind you of something. My mind did wander with the visual part, but not when I had sense of touch.

Question 3
How would you envision adapting and integrating the Lying Down/Body Scan Meditation and/or the Focusing on a Single Object into your clinical work with people with substance use or mental disorders? Be specific. Both exercises appear to be beneficial to help clients focus but probably space would limit the ability to have clients lie down. Focusing on an object to describe it would work in almost any situation. This is a good tool for clients to master to allow the mind to focus. This would be invaluable in someone with a substance use disorder when faced with cravings or making a decision to use or not.