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Julia Foster

Question 1
I found this exercise relaxing, I found I was thinking too much about the activity initially but as I focused more on my body it was more enjoyable. Focusing on specific parts of the body did ultimately aid with relaxation and I felt more positive after completing. More practice will all of for more specific focus on various areas of discomfort and for use a more general coping tool.
Question 2
This was bit more challenging, I found myself getting easily distracted. I found myself thinking about various stressors and distractions in the environment more than I did with the full body activity. Touch added to the experience and made it easier to engage. I felt this was more forced and less easy to relax during this activity.
Question 3
I think both have their benefits and can see adding in as a regular tool. I find that body awareness activities can be helpful with substance use treatment and working in the body scan specifically for managing cravings. I often encourage access to nature and think of using the focus on a single object to encourage someone out for a walk to find an object to use for his activity. I think being prepared in session to practice using the skill will be helpful to identify opportunities when the person may be able to successfully use in day-to-day settings. Both of these feel very “portable” and thinking about substance abuse treatment there is so much value in providing tools that can be used at any time/place.