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Jane Thurston

1, I found this exercise to be interesting. At first I had no sensations when focused on the top pf my head. When I was focused on my face I began to feel warmth, my lips felt heavy and stiff. Scanning though out my core I felt tingling sensations. At my hands I felt minor pain. I have osteoarthritis in my hands. The rest of my body tingled. I liked being able to make contact with areas of my body while being able to stay in the present. I will try to find time as often as i can to practice this ability to both concentrate and focus my attention at the same time.
2. I found this exercise more difficult. I couldn’t focus completely while looking at the object because of the nature of the object itself and thinking too much about what it represents. It is a clay figure of a man whose ethnicity is either Mexican or Mayan who is sitting with rope binding his 2 hands together. It was hard not to think about how humans were enslaved and/or persecuted. I could get past this after a while. I was able to gently bring my mind back to the exercise. I was able to focus my wandering mind to the clay of the object. I could see variations in the color of the clay, the roughness of it on the variations of textures. While I appreciated this exercise, it was harder to stay focused with mindful attention.
3. I have used the body scan in my office with mixed success. However I was able to work with the clients who could not sustain their entire attention on the sensations they felt and on what it was like to go through the process. Were they anxious, uncomfortable and other things that came up for them. When the client was able to go through the entire body scan, I was able to explore what came up for them throughout the process.