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1) I was more relaxed with the number matching as more time went on. I was also more focused and felt more comfortable the longer I practiced it. I would say this is more effective because of the number matching and counting, as I was less likely to become distracted.
2) I definitely got more distracted with this exercise, primarily because I was gazing at an object that is calming, but had me planning in my mind of how I could take a trip to Puerto Rico. I was physically disturbed by the number of times I had to redirect my focus on my breathing. The exercise was effective in making me aware of my habits of my mind.
3) The similarities were the gazing points, breath work, and body position; however, the main difference was the counting/ number matching in the Breath Counting. I believe either one could be integrated into clinical work with people with substance use or mental disorders. It would be dependent on the individual and their needs as well as their internal awareness at any specific time. The Breath Counting made me feel more relaxed than the basic meditation exercise and was more helpful in achieving the goal of relaxation, whereas the Basic meditation would be helpful in increasing awareness for an individual to work on stabilizing their mind.