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thomas barrett

1. The soft belly meditation for me very relaxing. I felt my body slacken as I focused on my belly and I
became almost limp as the rest of my body followed suit.
I improved at not fighting thoughts but gradually redirecting to breathing and sending them to my belly.
I noticed my thoughts but was much more relaxed and non judgmental of them.
I found this not stressful and very relaxing for my whole body as it seemed to follow my belly and breathing.

2. This was a very different experience . I was relaxed lying down and started just saying the phrase when my mind wandered, however as the medication continued I began to focus on the statement and how it applied to myself. It became very comforting and was perfect when thoughts arose and made so much sense.
The meditation became more relaxing and effective as time progressed for me.
An excellent meditation for people struggling with identity of self esteem. It would also work dealing with guilt and shame in substance abuse

3. The soft belly would be good exercise in dealing with urges when abstaining. It would also be a good exercise to use when speaking about coping with other tools other than substance and the tension of thinking about not using.

The other meditation would be excellent for dealing with shame and guilt issues of substance abuse. It would allow the individual to accept himself and his situation without judgements of past problems .
alos good for dealing with individuals suffered from trauma or invalidation issues