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Joye Jewell-Hill

1. I was able to perform this meditation activity without the use of the guided video. I tried the guided video and experienced distraction. Once I settled into the activity, I experienced a feeling of relaxation and comfort. The activity was helpful in helping me to acknowledge and accept my feelings at the moment.
2. I enjoyed this activity and experienced an overall feeling of relaxation. The repetition of the phrase was easy to perform. The exercise is portable and easy to practice on a regular basis. I appreciated the intent of the exercise to acknowledge self acceptance in the here and now. I would utilize this exercise again.
3. I think that both exercises could be beneficial in my clinical work with clients. Each activity may need to to shortened in duration in order to accommodate the client that may not be able to sit quietly for a 10-20min period. The soft belly meditation may be easier for a client to grasp and trial for a shorter duration and gradually increase the time frame. The mindful acceptance exercise would be helpful for clients struggling with issues related to shame and guilt associated with substance use.