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Julia Healey

Question 1 – In urge surfing meditation, my attention was drawn to a kink in my neck – the more I focused on the discomfort, the stronger the discomfort and the more urgency to move – the sensation began to spread to my shoulder, and eventually my whole arm. Anxiety and frustration rose in non action. A struggle to shift focus to breath with the discomfort calling my attention back – eventually ebbing and subsiding as I settled into breath work.
Imagined breath as a warm fluid stream loosening the tightness and releasing tension. As meditation continued, some tension remained with acceptance – acceptance that ok for tension and relief that it can just be and I don’t have to do anything to fix it.

Question 2 – I did loving kindness meditation which I have tried in past. I chose it because it has always been a challenging one for self love/acceptance and letting go of held feelings to others who have been wounding. It is a powerful exercise to release pain, resentments or anger to self or others but requires much practice. I found myself rushing through the words as hard to let myself receive them. – this is easier when guided or done group meditation for me. Great benefit to those in addiction or with trauma histories with negative core beliefs of self or resentments keeping addiction alive

Question 3 – I enjoyed this course to help bring my “attention” back to present and it’s practice. In pace of life, daily meditation can get lost as we are drawn into rushing movement – and more removed from selves. These practices are essential for clinician health to be present with clients and positive skill to build in those struggling with addiction, self harm impulses, trauma response of fight/flight. Urge surfing is one I use often with these impulses – to learn to tolerate the discomfort, distract, and allow it to subside and pass.