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thomas barrett

The physical experience was one of total emersion into breathing. It was the most relaxing exercise I have experienced during the breathing. My body totally relaxed and felt limp.
I was not aware of the tension leaving until I focused on the urge. When I got to focusing on the urge it no longer seemed important and I found it a distraction to my relaxed feeling.
It was much more pleasant focusing on the breathing than the urge and the urge no longer was an urge but a distant thought.
It became very difficult to focus on the urge which was no longer relevant.
The bell is a great way to end this or any other exercise
I would rate this a very effective exercise.
I have used being mindful of the urge and focusing on the urge in therapy in the past. I have used it as a tool for patients when urges arise and not to run from the urge but to address the urge mindfully and examine it.
What I did not do was use breathing prior to focusing on the urge and the difference was significant. I will modify my exercise to include it and use it when people are deciding on an urge to use. It is a great tool to have to help addiction and urges.


I used being mindful of emotions with out judging. I chose this because it incorporates thinking and the emotion.
It was a great exercise to think more about the emotion than the thought that caused the emotion.
To change emotions we need to change thinking however this helps us not to change the thinking but to process the emotion and how it feels . It was a struggle in dealing with the thought but as the exercise went on it became more important to understand the emotion and accept it.
Many people I work with do not understand the link of emotions and thoughts and especially substance abusers recognizing the emotional link to their substance use and what to do with it when they do.
Very effective and works well with number 1.


The last few weeks have helped me appreciate the need for breathing in all mindfulness work. I was really amazed at how the breathing relaxed and affected the emotion and the thoughts leading to the emotion. They are great tools dealing with urges and helping us understand judgements.
I am going to use it in trauma work and teach it as a coping skill with out specifically instructing what the client to feel.
I have tried it several times in the last few weeks with great success.
I will also use these in dealing with urges in addiction in helping patients truly understand the link between substance abuse and urges and emotions. It ties together well
In my own life I have been using these in dealing with painful emotions . It seems to allow me to safely address painful issues with no goals except to feel and not judge and release

Thank you so much this has been very helpful to both my patients and myself and I will surely sign up for any other sessions from you Nice Job and feel free to notify me of future trainings [email protected]