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Dorothy Muncey

Question 1
I noticed urge surfing was difficult. Focusing on an impulse was interesting because I wanted to move my head and neck like I usually do during meditation. I was uncomfortable at first, but then began to focus. I feel that learning this would take practice and clients would have to be highly motivated to see results.

Question 2
I chose Thought Diffusion because I am a visual person and found it relaxing to visualize something familiar. Leaves floating down the stream was relaxing and easy to visualize negative thoughts or emotions on the leaves and floating away. I believe this would be easy for clients to learn to relax and focus on self and positive thoughts. This allowed me to connect with nature while focusing on myself and feel it would also allow clients to relax and let go of negative feelings.

Question 3
The past four week have been insightful and enlightening. I enjoyed learning new and some review of mindfulness. Guided meditations are a great way to start your day or to take a break and focus on positive and let go of negative. Clients and everyone really could benefit from learning at least one of these meditations. Substance use clients would benefit when having cravings or a stressful situation. Learning to focus on something positive and not on the craving.