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Dorothy Muncey

Question 1

My reaction to the confrontational style was “Please make it stop, It was so uncomfortable and she did not give him a chance to say how he felt about anything. She put all her effort into telling him what to do and not listening to him. The MI approach was much more focused on his needs and how he was feeling. He knew what the problems were, but it allowed him to make choices without being told what to do. He became more thoughtful and more relaxed and more open to make changes.
Question 2

A behavior I feel two ways about is exercise in exercise. 1) I don’t have time for it. 2) Does it really help, I am pretty active during the day. 3) I have never really had a problem with my weight before, I’m not sure it will help. Double sided reflection, “I know I need to do it because when I do make time for it I feel better.” “My clothes do fit a little better when I exercise even though I don’t lose any weight, I must be getting healthier.” Maybe I shouldn’t’ wait till I have a health problem to start exercising.” MI allows someone to make their own decisions and decide for themselves the change they need and being told what to do creates defenses. (and then we do nothing)
Question 3
.Target behaviors are usually 1) giving up alcohol 2) changing friends 3) relationship issues I fight the righting reflex when a client asked me “what should I do” and they seem to really want answers. They become a little uncomfortable at first and then settle in to reflect on their own questions. Sometimes it feels just easier to give the answers because we might, as clinicians, “know best” and Thinking they are coming to us for help, but resist. I love that you are calling it the “SPIRIT OF MI” I think that feels more relaxed and thoughtful. Listening gives the client time to reflect. Alot of people I talk to are always being told what to do and at first this approach seems foreign to them and a little uncomfortable, but quickly settle in to be allowed to make their own choices and decisions.