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Laren Corrin

Question 1
Initially I cringed at the interviewer even considering him giving away the dog, like asking someone to give up one of their children. Sal responded to the confrontational style by getting stuck whereas with the Spirit of MI style he seemed to be able to gain clarity around where he was at around caring for his asthma and what he might be willing to do. Definitely with the Spirit of MI style Sal was moved closer to actions he was willing to take to improve asthma by becoming aware of his line where he might consider giving the dog up.

Question 2
I feel ambivalent about the foods I eat and motivation for eating them.

One side of the ambivalence: I feel sick or tired when eating starches and sugars or larger amounts of food than I need and feel it is harming my body and ability to live longer and with less pain.

The other side of the ambivalence: My wife and daughter like eating starches and sugars and larger amounts of less nutrient dense foods, and to change would mean giving up that connection to them, the ‘breaking bread’ together, and would complicate meal preparation, potentially shaming them for their choices, or rejecting my daughter as she learns how to cook a meal each week which usually includes mac n cheese.

Double-sided reflection: On the one hand you feel sick and tired when you eat the same as your family. On the other hand, eating foods that work with your body is less painful. On the one hand you feel you want to change your eating to be healthy and live longer. On the other hand you feel willing to sacrifice your physical health to feel connected to your family. On the one hand you feel sick and in pain eating the same foods as your family to stay connected. On the other hand living longer and in less pain may allow you to live longer and have a longer time connection with them.

Question 3
Consumer generated target behaviors: Decreasing cannabis use by more than half. Exercising any time cravings arise. Prepare more healthy meals at home vs. restaurant food.
My agenda target behaviors: Try taking a month break from cannabis. Establish a daily brief exercise routine. Try a different recovery support group each week. There is a discrepancy in approach to cannabis where I would ideally like the client to have experienced abstinence to know they could live without it and then have it be more a choice to use a smaller amount.
Righting response might be something like why are you holding on to using cannabis vs. a more MI agenda setting discussion of it sounds like you value cannabis use and want to maintain a relationship with it different than you have now. What are the ways you find it useful or valuable in your life?