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Stephanie Garza

Exercise 1
Despite both clips talking about the same subject with the same information, in the first clip, I felt that clinician is condescending, lecturing, and argumentative. I could see that Sal goes on the defense when she appears to question his parenting (as I feel most people would) as well as attempting to make him fearful that he will die if he continues down this path.
In the second video, she starts by reiterating where he said that he would like to start. She talks about what has happened positively such as him almost quit smoking, cut down on his drinking, etc. She states that the info shows that pets may increase the breathing issues, but then she acknowledges how he keeps making changes and yet he continues to struggle. She wraps it up by saying that whatever happens that it is his choice. He was able to start talking about what would have to happen for him to get rid of Oscar. In summary, the same information but a very different feel.

Exercise 2
Stephanie, I am hearing two very different ideas from you about your 9-year-old and you feeling that you need to make sure his homework is complete. On one side I see that you do not want him to fall behind and you want him to have a positive school experience. I also hear that you don’t want to feel like you are being judged as a parent. Then I hear the other side where you want him to be responsible and self-regulate his own time when he gets home from school which would include playtime and homework. I am also hearing you say that this is a great time to learn this while the “consequences” are relatively minor, versus when he is an adult and doesn’t finish a project at his job and receives corrective action or is terminated.

Exercise 3
Consumer Target Behaviors: Clinician Target Behaviors:
~Eat better ~Better sleep/sleep hygiene
~Get healthier ~Quit smoking
~Exercise ~Exercise
While both categories are similar or have a “wellness” theme, I would want to spend some time looking at 2 of the areas that the consumer has not thought but that lend themselves with overall wellness. The consumer tends to stay up late as this is their “time” and while it is beneficial to have me time, it becomes a detriment when this is happening every night and then there is only 3-4 hours of sleep. I believe that I would offer up other areas involved with wellness and insert my ideas in there. I also find the visual tool of a “menu” would be appealing to this consumer.