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Dorothy Muncey

My general impression of the interview is the interviewer did a great job staying on topic and not challenging him with his ambivalence. She guided him to make change talk skillfully.
Give two or three examples of Rounder’s sustain talk and two or three examples of Rounder’s change talk, and identify whether each is a Desire, Ability, Reason, Need, or Commitment, Activation, or Taking Steps type of change talk.
Examples of sustained talk,, ,”It’s not because I want to do any of this crap.” “Yeah, the court sent me here.”
Examples of change talk…You know there was another thing I was thinking about. If I don’t stop drinking I’m probably going to be right back in this mess again. Reason . As long as I’m putting all this money into it, I’d like to come out with something. Need
Complex reflective listening…So the fact that your daughter won’t even take your word for the fact that you won’t drink kind of bites at you a little bit. This puts her on his side. It allows his to share more with her. Another example Kind of a mystery to you why she’d even be worried about that. He begins to share more and feels more comfortable.
Examples of signs of readiness…”This treatment center thing-is that here at this facility?” and “I wouldn’t mind coming here to live” I would allow client to decide what kind of treatment he wanted and listen to what he wanted to get out of treatment. I would continue to engage him in the process to help him get his needs met.