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Laren Corrin

1. My general impressions of the interview was that the Rounder may not have been an actor. It felt very real, and the interviewer Terry Moyers appeared to do an amazing job at really being with the Rounder where he was at with a non-judgmental stance. I had the feeling that Terry Moyers had been doing this a lot over a long time, as she was so quick and skilled in her responses to him. As someone new to Motivational Interviewing, I might have to memorize some response fragments that would fit different interviews to get on the same playing field as her. She really matched where he was at. The beginning where she really addressed head on his apprehension about meeting with her and reflected/validated where he was at seemed to really allow him to explore a lot in a short time.

2. Sustain talk: only reason I’m coming here is so I can maybe save my driver’s license so I won’t lose my job and so I won’t lose my house. It’s not because I want to do any of this crap you know.; It’s nothing for me to sit down and drink a six-pack or two of beer and still be able to function.;Really I didn’t know why in the hell I stopped anyway.
Change talk: I wouldn’t mind coming here to live (Desire); If I don’t stop drinking I’m probably going to be right back in this mess again. (Need); As long as I’m putting all this money into it I’d like to come out with something.(Desire and Activation – is it both sometimes?)

3. So drinking kind of helps you relax and, you know, cope with your life.(complex reflexive listening) The impact of this was to allow Rounder to go into exploring legal/jail problems with his temper and it’s relationship to alcohol use. He seemed more guarded and protective of his drinking before that.; It almost sounds like you don’t even know whether you could stop even if you wanted to.(Strategic) This was well placed and to great effect where Rounder was confronted by the question of if he could stop drinking or not, and most importantly his strong sense of self as someone who can do most anything, but what about this. Sounds like you guys have a good time.(Complex reflective listening) I like the clear reflection of his feeling of it being fun drinking with friends. I think this reflection was important for him even though he went into sustain talk or reasons it would be difficult to quit drinking and be around friends. It seems important to really acknowledge openly the positive to contrast with the negative later in the interview. It also really helped him to see where he was at and what challenges he faced.

4. I wouldn’t mind coming here to live – I might want to explore, maybe conjecture it seems really important to him to change where he would be willing to come live here to assure success vs. engaging in treatment less. If I don’t stop drinking I’m probably going to be right back in this mess again. – My impulse here would be to want to explore his admission that he is likely to have more problems if he doesn’t change, specifically to cultivate a self understanding of reasons to change – I don’t know if it would be most helpful. The interview seemed so successful and the interviewer so skilled, it is hard to suggest any improvement, much less anything different. As long as I’m putting all this money into it I’d like to come out with something. – I might want to focus on the something he wants to succeed at to really highlight the change he wants and his sense of being able to do anything he puts his mind to, maybe ‘it sounds like you really want to make a go of this, make it worth your while?’