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Jennifer Mrozowski

Question 1)
My general reaction to the way the physician used Mi to guide these brief conversations with the client he is serving was to implement OARS. He asked open-ended questions so he could elicit stories with meaning to better understand this individual and from that, he could identify her strengths and be able to convey empathy through his affirmations and reflective listening. Ultimately creating that Alliance. I really enjoyed how the physician started out by asking this individual to change nothing about their current behavior. Explaining that just the act of becoming more aware of when they smoke could be helpful and to write it down so it could be discussed at the next meeting. This seemed to empower this person by being given a goal that they themselves realize is a manageable task. Then the physician asked the client he was serving when they wanted to come back, giving them the option and not placing any sort of unintentional demand/expectation on them. I wouldn’t have changed anything in any of these videos.

Question 2)
The physician used open-ended questions to identify this person’s ambiance about quitting smoking as well as asked her to explain the good and the not-so-good things about smoking, gathering more of the feeling behind why they continue to smoke even though they understand and just provided reasons to quit. After The client that is being servedreturnsThey have increased their determination as well as increased their confidence because they were able to track the behavior of smoking and they saw their problem area and already had solutions for these barriers. All the time allowing the client being served to have control over their own life, raising their confidence. The physician guided this person to ensure the success of their plan by confirming the steps that will be taken and aligning with goals and a realistic time frame.

Question 3)
I really like the use of asking, listening, and informing in the third video where the physician explains how this individual has changed their behavior the setting and medication is also an option he then lists the different types of medication and asks The client for their preference and then provides the information on that item. I especially like that the physician goes into detail about all the pros and cons as well as the side effects and even more importantly ensures that this person does have support in place. Explaining that having friends and family that would be able to tell if this person was more irritable or not acting the way they normally would.

Question 4)
I plan on trying to be a better listener each day, reducing how much-unsolicited advice spews out of my mouth by remembering to ask before I offer any advice. Our company has a peer support group for the staff and we have different topics that we discuss. I feel that helps me just be able to talk with like-minded people which assists me with practicing MI just to listen and really hear their values and what’s important to them during those sessions helps me to be helpful to others and less oppressive