Reply To: Homework Week 1 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)


I love to write although I have not kept up with it as a regular practice for many years. This exercise helped me to remember how much I enjoy it and how helpful it is for me to process thoughts/feelings and to begin to make sense of feelings that are not always easy to untangle. During challenging times, I feel that I rely on the awareness that I have previously been successful when hard situations arise- that each time I have been forced to confront a challenging time, that I have always managed to come through the experience despite the intensity of the feelings I may be experiencing in the moment. In addition to relying on trust and prior experience, I think that I also rely on my ability to be use reason to challenge thoughts that might be rooted in fear rather than rationality. I find that this helps me to rein in my thoughts when I begin to feel overwhelmed with worry.

I think my personal narrative of resilience is that I possess the capacity to survive challenging times- that I can and will withstand adversity and while I may not “feel” ok in the midst of it- I can still come through intact. I am able to trust myself to have faith in my internal resources to weather the proverbial storm. This makes me think about my past- and how growing up in a supportive and safe environment allowed me to develop this sense of trust in my own ability to manage through hard times. It provides a useful perspective when I consider working with others who were shaped by different experiences and influences that may not have offered them opportunities to hone these skills or to develop a sense of trust in their capacity for resilience.