Reply To: Homework Week 1 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Diana James

Diana James.

This is music to my soul. I have been practicing Narrative, Person centered therapy for 25 years, and have always coached my clients to start Mindful writing…most of my clients have learned to embrace it and make it part of their daily routines.
For myself, I have been “mindfully writing” since I was 13 y/o-as a way to connect and cherish the deeper parts of myself. Being a deep introvert, with very strict parents, and lots of family responsibilities-I would retreat to my writing late at night, to connect and communicate with my heart and soul. Music was always part of this journey of connection and discovery.I learned that I was deeply compassionate and had a great desire to understand and learn about “what makes people be who they are, or be the way they behave”—which led to trusting my own mind and heart.

I also read extensively about women writers in the Victorian era and early part of the 20th Century-these letters and writings were windows into the hearts, minds and souls of other women, who were often silenced by circumstance, culture or their families. I was able to identify with many writers, and learned how powerful writing/ journaling could be to help a person stay connected to what is vital inside, to nurture imagination and ideas, while one is growing into adulthood.

In my work with clients, following the teachings of Michael White, I endeavor to help clients recognize the “problem saturated Story”, and search for the buried, or silenced narrative of strength, courage, resilience, etc–to help ct’s unpack the old narrative, and look for the other-to re-story their lives.