Reply To: Homework Week 1 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Julia Foster

1. What are your general reactions to the mindful writing? What were some of the personal resources, skills, and abilities you relied on to help you through a difficult experience in your life?
I attempted this with the music, at first, I found it hard to write but as I continued it became easier and more flowed o the page. For my ability to navigate challenges I relied on family, community, personal strength. I am finding it hard to answer this without disclosing a lot of personal details but I did enjoy this exercise and will need to attempt this more often to gain more comfort with it.
2. What are some of the ways the questions and or the mindful writing helped you uncover your narrative of resilience?
In this moment I found the question challenging because my mind was trying process something else with stronger emotions so I felt as though I was having to direct the writing more than intended. I was not able to get into a fully quiet space so will need to compete this again at a different time.
3. How might you apply the Narrative questions and or mindful writing in your work with others to help them uncover a neglected story of resilience in their lives?
I believe this activity can hold a lot of power for the individual completing it. As a practitioner I work to support individuals in discovering their own strengths and ability to evoke change, this activity allow for more exploration of internal processes and may bring awareness that other activities cannot.