Reply To: Homework Week 1 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

katie Varney

1. What are your general reactions to the mindful writing? What were some of the personal resources, skills, and abilities you relied on to help you through a difficult experience in your life?

About two months ago, I started my own wellness journey. Every morning I start my day with my devotions. Then I began to write down in my journal whatever pops up in my mind. What I discovered about this skill is my own awareness of where my mind is in the moment. I enjoy going back and reading my daily thoughts. It brings to light my worries, anxieties but also my resilience and hope. I find by writing some of these thoughts, I am able to stop the toxic thinking and reverse it to something positive. I realized through this process, my mind tends to get filled up with doubts fears and anxieties that only way me down. By reversing these useless negative thoughts, I am able to find hope through my faith which in turns sets mu day on a much better path of peace joy and love.

2. What are some of the ways the questions and or the mindful writing helped you uncover your narrative of resilience? Mindful writing has helped me to stay focused in the moment. My nature is to say ” what if” and then role with the anxieties about what could happen ( and 99 % of the time, it doesn’t). Keeping myself focused in the moment is a much better place to be and I find my morning journaling helps to keep me in a mindful state.

3. How might you apply the Narrative questions and or mindful writing in your work with others to help them uncover a neglected story of resilience in their lives? Often times with my clients we brainstorm together on various ways to manage difficult and challenging situations. With my own experience with this type of skill, I am comfortable offering this as a suggestion, explaining how this has been helpful in my own journey to wellness.