Reply To: Homework Week 3 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Diana James

(1). My reactions were very positive because this is a very familiar process for me, as I use it regularly with my clients. My personal life goals and professional goals always seem more achievable when I write them down in this type of format. If I write them down clearly, I know that I have started the process of committing to them clearly-and this helps me “manifest” them. I also explain this process to my clients in ways that helps them understand ways they can achieve their own goals.

(2). I realized that there were more supports available than I previously thought. It reinforced what my clients often say to me: “Until I wrote this down, I did not know I could ask for help-or that help was available should I need support”.

(3) I spend time exploring clients dreams; sometimes helping them remember the person they were when they were younger, “before what happened to me” overwhelms them with numbness or helplessness. Helping them to “dare to dream,” to allow them to hope for something different; that they can be the author of their lives again.