Reply To: Homework Week 3 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Nicolyn Brown

1) What are your general reactions to this exercise of identifying wellness goals and taking action to achieve them?

I thought it would be overwhelming, but once I chose a few categories and started it all came rather easily. Having specific action steps left me feeling motivated and made the goal feel attainable.

2) What did you discover about how your strengths, supporters, and or community resources might help you overcome barriers to taking an action step or reaching your goal?

I tend to think or resources as friends, family, and organizations. The exercise broadened by scope of what resources could mean in a way that would have been achieved if you simply asked me to list resources.

3) What are some strategies you would employ to help consumers develop and implement their own wellness/recovery plans?

Starting small. Picking maybe 2 categories to work through on the chart that have immediate and manageable action steps. The goal would be using these early/easy successes as a motivator for client buy in to use the tool for some more complicated or long term goals.