Reply To: Homework Week 2 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

Kate Stearns Luce

1) I appreciate this activity as I often engage in identifying strengths both in my own life and in my work with others. I think we often are so encumbered by the challenges we face, that we forget we already possess a number of valuable strengths that have served us well in the past. Thinking about how an identified strength can help achieve a wellness goal is something I focus on in my work and personal life. I love to have discussions around identified strengths and then help map out what part of holistic recovery does that identified strength support.
2) As for my own “hidden” strengths, I found that I have a genuine joy and excitement about life and while I know this intrinsically I often forget that this is a strength that I use daily to help maintain a sense of hope and awe in the power of change.
3) Identifying strengths helps increase confidence in one’s ability to meet their goals within themselves and helps people realize we are the expert on ourselves and we can help shape and change our outcomes.