Reply To: Homework Week 3 (Wellness and Recovery Promotion)

katie Varney

1) What are your general reactions to this exercise of identifying wellness goals and taking action to achieve them?I liked this exercise and found this is a useful tool to offer to clients I work with. I liked that this is person driven and not labeled a treatment plan. By completing this activity, for me, it felt more valid and I felt more committed by writing it down in my own words.

2) What did you discover about how your strengths, supporters, and or community resources might help you overcome barriers to taking an action step or reaching your goal? Recognizing the supports I already have in place was reassuring for me. I found strength with in myself knowing I had resources already in place. Although I may have picked some challenging goals for myself, there is a sense of relief to look at the paper and recognize that some of those barriers are not so intimidating because of the supports I already have.

3) What are some strategies you would employ to help consumers develop and implement their own wellness/recovery plans? Writing it out is very helpful because you can carry this were ever you go. When a difficulty comes up or a challenge, referring to the chart quickly to focus on the strengths already in place is helpful. Building on the strengths already identified will increase the clients own self- reliance and confidence