Matthew Braun

Matthew Braun has been in long-term recovery from a substance use disorder since 2009. He has become one of Maine’s most outspoken young people in recovery, and the national group, Young People in Recovery (YPR), awarded him the 1st Annual Charles M. Mayr Award for Outstanding Advocate of the Year in 2016. He has spoken publicly since his early recovery and has worked diligently to help many groups learn essential aspects of substance use disorders including the underlying struggles, the bio-psychosocial model of treatment, the barriers and needs of people in recovery, and the importance of listening to the patient’s voice.

He is currently a board member for both the Maine Alliance for Addiction Recovery and the Co-Occurring Collaborative Serving Maine, and he also serves on the Maine Substance Abuse Services Commission, appointed by Governor Paul R. LePage in 2015.

He has spent the past 3 years in the prevention field. He received his B.S in Human Biology from the University of Southern Maine in 2014 and, while a student, worked full time at the Wise Laboratory of Environmental and Genetic Toxicology for 6 years, studying metal-induced carcinogenesis in human cells.

Matthew believes that people in recovery make the world a better place and talks as often as possible about the value of recovery. He is now pursuing a degree in medicine, a field in which he is excited to incorporate all of his interests and experiences with research, public health, behavioral health, patient care, and advocacy.