Culture, Care & Suicide Prevention: Perspectives to Develop Reflective Practices and Cultural Humility

Conference: 2015 Beyond the Basics in Suicide Prevention — Pathway to Suicide Prevention: Working Toward Zero Suicide in Maine

Thursday, May 07, 2015
University of Southern Maine, Portland Workshop/Presentation: A4/B4: Culture, Care and Suicide Prevention: Perspectives to Develop a Reflective Practice and Cultural Humility
Lisa Wexler, PhD, MSW

During this interactive session, we will consider how culture frames our practice and share what we’ve learned from our suicide prevention work. Examples from Dr. Wexler’s research in Northwest Alaska, where she focused on suicide and suicide prevention in an Alaskan Inupiaq community, will be discussed. ‘Best practices’ in cross-cultural settings and the conditions that support them will be illustrated, and participants will leave with a clearer sense of what we need to be aware of for doing cross-cultural work.