Current Suicide Risk Assessment

Conference: 2014 Beyond the Basics in Suicide Prevention — Broadening the View • Extending the Reach

Friday, Mar 14, 2014
Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine Workshop/Presentation: A4: Using the eC-SSRS: Practical/Operational/Data Considerations
John Greist, MD

Following last year’s Beyond the Basics keynote presentation by Kelly Posner, PhD., this session will explore the experience and insight gained from over 100,000 assessments of 32,000 patients using the eC-SSRS. This patient self-rated/ePRO approach addresses the challenges of conducting consistent interviews, differentiating attempts from non-suicidal self-injurious behaviors (NSSIB), and implementing a broad scale screening and routine assessment program. The value of the resulting data, documenting how each ideation and behavior question contributes to understanding the risk of impending suicidal behavior, will also be presented.