Dual Diagnosis Relapse Prevention Monograph: A Report on the Training Initiative 1997–1998

Robert G. Groce, EdD, LCPC & Hilary Ryglewicz, ACSW

This monograph represents further progress in the effort toward integration of treatment approaches for clients with dual disorders in the State of Maine. It is a product of concerted grass-roots efforts by service providers, consumers, families and other interested community members over a period of years to identify and provide the staff training and services needed for clients with dual (mental/emotional and substance use) disorders. This human service community has united around problems and potential solutions for a population that is repeatedly identified as poorly served. At this point the knowledge, goals and aspirations of the Cumberland County Dual Diagnosis Collaborative (CCDDC) and its members far exceed the available funding and administrative support for needed services. In this familiar gap between what is understood and envisioned and what is possible and available, individual service providers may find this monograph a valuable guide to helping people with dual mental/emotional and substance use disorders to stay on a path of growth and change.