Conference Materials

2011 • Complexities of Trauma

Addiction and Trauma

From the A3 breakout session led by John O’Brien, PhD.

Addiction Resource

Addiction Resource is an educational website whose goal is to provide a wealth of information to help better educate people about substance use, and motivate...

Addressing Co-Occurring Disorders in Non-Traditional Service Settings | SAMHSA

A white paper that discusses the treatment of co-occurring disorders in settings outside substance abuse and mental health systems. Describes how primary health care, law...

Addressing Tobacco Among Individuals with a Mental Illness or Addiction

This paper summarizes literature and discusses how treatment for tobacco can no longer be ignored in mental-health and addiction-treatment settings.

Adolescent SBIRT Pocket Card

Adolescent Substance Abuse Screening — The CRAFFT Screening Interview

Adolescent Substance Abuse Screening Tip Sheet for Parents

Conference Materials

2013 • Beyond the Basics in Suicide Prevention

Adolescents at Risk for Suicide: Early Recognition and Intervention

Dr. King’s remarks provided an up-to-date overview of suicide risk factors among adolescents, highlighting several excellent targets for prevention and early intervention.

Adolescents with Co-Occurring Disorders: Improving Self-Care and Reducing Harm

From the Adolescent Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders Training Initiative, 2000—2001.

Adult SBIRT Pocket Card

Advancing the Dialogue: Medication and Mental Illness

In his book, Anatomy of an Epidemic, Robert Whitaker investigates the astonishing rise in the number of people enrolled in government disability due to mental...

Conference Materials

2017 • Annual Membership Meeting

Meeting Agenda

Alcohol Screening Questionnaire (AUDIT)

Alcoholism & Drug Abuse Weekly

A weekly newsletter featuring in-depth information and analysis on fundamental issues, policy changes, new legislation, research findings, and business news for managers and directors in...

Alliance for Addiction and Mental Health Services, Maine (AAMHS)

The mission of AAMHS (also known as the Alliance) is to represent its membership while advancing mental health and substance use disorder prevention, treatment and...

America Needs All of Us: A Toolkit for Talking About Bias, Race, and Change

Today, a growing number of places recognize that being welcoming leads to prosperity; Welcoming America provides the roadmap and support they need to become more...

American Association of Community Psychiatrists (AACP)

The AACP advocates for quality psychiatric care in community settings. The mission of the AACP is to promote health, recovery, and resilience in people, families...

American Association of Suicidology (AAS)

AAS promotes research, public awareness programs, public education and training for professionals and volunteers. In addition, AAS serves as a national clearinghouse for information on...

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP)

AFSP raises awareness, funds scientific research and provides resources and aid to those affected by suicide.

Conference Materials

2012 • Alternatives to Medication

Antipsychotics and Schizophrenia/Psychosis

In his book, Anatomy of an Epidemic, Robert Whitaker investigates the astonishing rise in the number of people enrolled in government disability due to mental...